Building Bridges – John Lewis

November 2, 2020

Podcast Host: Joe Geraghty  |  Podcast Contributors: Mia Charity and Dr. Dan Wallace

This episode of Building Bridges looks at the three-decade partnership of the Close Up Foundation and the Civil Rights icon, Representative John Lewis of Georgia. Beyond any political agenda, Representative Lewis gave so generously of his time for Close Up students for over 30 years, empowering generations of young Americans to get involved in the democratic process, by speaking out, protesting, registering to vote, and voting. Reminding thousands of students of the price people have paid over our 240 plus year history to win the right to vote.

Part 1: An interview with John Lewis (03:35)
Part 2: A clip of John Lewis (09:22)
Part 3: Close Up teachers meet John Lewis (12:33)


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